Make An Empowered

Your confidence & strength as a woman is as important as your dignity

Over 70% of women over age 40 will not receive breast reconstruction surgery after their mastectomy.(1) This low rate of breast reconstruction is due to the lack of education around breast reconstruction options in consultations prior to mastectomy.

Mastectomies can preserve a woman’s health but also significantly change the look of her breasts and how she feels about her body. However, women deserve to feel good about their bodies regardless of their age, medical history or circumstances. Women have a choice on whether to have a reconstruction and if that is your choice, you should be empowered to be a part of that decision.

Obtain The Help You Need

Age rarely prevents women from having breast reconstruction,and the results of the procedure can be transformative. All women should be encouraged to ask their surgeon about their reconstructive options to help make an #empoweredchoice and reclaim their confidence today.

All women going through this journey should consult with surgeons that are willing to educate and discuss breast reconstruction options. Women can have input their reconstruction journey and the treatments that will restore their appearance and wellbeing. Surgeons are able and willing to help, but women must find qualified breast reconstruction surgeons who understand their specific needs and are committed to educating them about their options.

We want to help you better understand the issues and surgical solutions involved and assist you in selecting a qualified surgeon here. Women can restore their breasts which may increase their confidence and return their sense of femininity to feel whole again. Every woman that has experienced this journey deserves to look and feel their best, now and every day.

If you are a woman over the age of 40 years old and have been told you need a mastectomy or have already endured a mastectomy and have not had breast reconstruction, you should be empowered to ask for education from your surgeon. Education and facts will arm you with options, decisions and personal choices, so you can take a step closer to living life on your terms.

Statistics and
Numbers Don’t Lie

Statistics Prove Women in Their 40s Aren’t Receiving All of their Breast Reconstruction Options.

After having a mastectomy in Australia, consider these numbers:

  • More than 11,000 mastectomy procedures will be performed this year in Australia (2).

  • More than 80% of women having a mastectomy will be over the age of 40 (3,4).

  • Younger patients are more likely to be offered reconstruction(5,6).

  • As women get older the breast reconstruction rate decreases(5). Only around 30% of women aged over 40 will have breast reconstruction surgery(1).

For women over 40, some surgeons may only focus on disease eradication and patient health.

The consultation process for older women frequently does not include planning for breast reconstruction, focusing instead only on disease eradication. Yet women in this age group deserve and should expect the same breast reconstruction choices consistently recommended to younger women.

Health and the need to feel feminine are crucial to a woman’s sense of wellbeing at any age, and women over 40 share many of the same options as younger women.


Make A Choice

Women — make an #empoweredchoice and reclaim your appearance and wellbeing now.

The solution is clear — women in their 40s must take action to get the care they qualify for and deserve. Breast reconstruction performed by a qualified surgeon can restore a woman’s femininity, promoting her confidence, satisfaction and wellbeing.

With so many options available, women of all ages and circumstances can benefit if that is what they choose. Women who have been told they have to have a mastectomy or have already had the procedure should consider breast reconstruction and hear their options.


A qualified general surgeon focused on breast surgery. Highly trained in oncoplastic techniques including mastectomy and implant based breast reconstruction.

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A qualified surgeon that has specialized in plastic reconstructive surgery that is trained in microsurgery to be able to perform flap reconstruction through to direct to implant reconstruction.

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